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Month: September 2014

Benny Has Arrived! A Look at the New Features in WordPress 4.0

bennyOne of the most significant updates to WordPress in years has released this week. Codenamed ‘Benny’, WordPress 4.0 features many new features and improvements. Here are some of the things we’re excited about:

Writing in WordPress has vastly improved. The style toolbar for posts and pages now stays stationary at the top of the page so the user doesn’t have to scroll up to find the Bold or Italic buttons. And the footer at the bottom also stays put so the word count is always accessible.

Embedding mmediaedia into posts and pages is much more dynamic and useful. Before, when inserting a YouTube embed code into the text, the Visual Mode would display a pale yellow box to indicate it’s position. Now, the complete video shows up while editing, fully playable. The same goes for Tweets and other embedible media.

Working with images is also much easier. The Media Library used to show thumbnails in a paginated list, but now there is a seamless grid with larger examples and infinite scrolling. No more clicking ‘Next Page’ to find the right image. Just scroll and browse. Video and audio files are also now playable from within the library.

add-plugin1There is also a brand new plug-in browser, to make finding the right functionality even easier. Instead of a list after a search, WordPress now displays a grid including review information and graphics.

With each new release, WordPress gets stronger and more user friendly. Consider ‘Benny’ one of the biggest leaps forward!