Hi, I’m Daniel Brown and I’m the owner and Creative Director at Rocketpack Creative Services.

Rocketpack was founded to assist small businesses and professionals with affordable and high-quality solutions for creative IT needs. We have created works for Law Firms, Medical Professionals, Consultants, Bloggers, Performing Artists, Publishing Companies, Startups, Charter Boats, and even a Jeopardy champion!

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Fine Arts with an emphasis in video, studio art, graphic design, and theater. I picked up HTML and CSS design skills after college, learning how to merge technical skills with creative thinking in order to make almost any site I conceive a reality.

I pride myself in making original works for each individual client, using their feedback to build products that are what they have in mind. I’m also great at helping clients find their creative vision for their online presence if they don’t already have one!

When I’m not designing websites, logos, or making videos, I can usually be found teaching in the Washington DC Improv scene. I enjoy opening up creativity in others through teaching long form improv through Washington Improv Theater and Reflex Improv, including leading corporate and organizational workshops to help improve productivity, communications, and collaborative team building. I can currently be seen performing with the troupes Fish Police and Hellbender.